Understanding Low Female Libido


Issues of low libido are common in women than men.Sex drive in women is physically and emotionally attached while in men it is attached physically. A little sex desire can lead to diminishing interests in both partners and strain the relationship. The physical causes of low libido in women will be female organ dryness, obesity,  hormonal imbalance, painful lovemaking, fatigue, surgery plus alcohol and drug abuse. The emotional causes will include depression, job pressure, stress, low self-esteem, anxiety and traumatic instances. Libido is termed as the foundation for the rest of your sexual experience, and thus it is the baseline for a woman and man to build up sexual arousal and tension. Libido will be directed to the woman’s overall health, hormones and the mood of the woman.

Severe problems in relationships are also known to lower the woman’s sexual drive. Further to this lousy history with the association will cause fears and mistrust within women and thus diminishing their ability to be aroused and stimulated.There are some women who are known to have zero libidos and are only concerned with companionship like hugging and have no interest in sexual activity.They will also have little need to increase their desire.This group of women is known as asexual.

The first step in eliminating low libido in women is understanding the cause of the little sexual drive.Some options are available, and they will range from counseling for depression and anxiety, natural products to help in hormonal balance, changing the woman’s diet and also exercise.The women can undergo testosterone and estrogen therapies to naturally increase female libido.

O estrogen therapy will involve the use of a patch, pill, or gel to release estrogen to the body. O estrogen is also available in creams for application in the female organ and slowly releases estrogen slowly. There are also various natural extracted products meant to improve female libido. They will be based upon increasing the lubrication of the female organ and sensitivity while another part of it will be aimed at increasing blood circulation to the sex organs thus heightening sexual senses. For more facts and information about female libido, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_female_sexuality.

This is mostly important for stress and depression related female libido loss.Talking to a therapist is also an essential way of reigniting your sexual drive. They will be able to understand your problem and they may be able to prescribe antidepressants and anxiety drugs to reduce the negative thoughts.There are also right supplements available in the market to cure low libido in women. However, it is crucial that you consult a physician before settling on these supplements.


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