Means to Boost Low Libido in Females


The main factors that contribute to low female libido are majorly hormonal contraceptives which include the pill and vaginal coils. There are various issues in which women can look into so as to boost their low libido  to have a good sex drive .This include;

Type of birth control

Various birth control methods have been linked to decreased sex drive in women .These are majorly the hormonal -birth control methods. These tend to affect the way a woman reacts towards sex and could be a call for alarm for a mainly with a partner. For a woman with a partner, this could cause drifting as they tend to fight more due to no sex caused by low sex drive. It is advisable to consult with your doctor on the various birth control methods and how they tend to affect your sex drive. Condoms are advisable for women with active hormones when on other birth control methods as they don’t react to ones body. Read more about female libido supplement here.

The nursing period

A woman who just had a kid and is still nursing could have a low sex drive at the beginning of her nursing period due to the hormones linked with the production of breast milk thus may cause vaginal dryness. For a couple experiencing this, it is important to have lots of lubricant before hand for a good sexual experience and avoid discomfort for her.

Relationship with your partner

It is normal for couples to get into arguments once in a while and this could be alarming for your sexual relationship too .Ensure that after getting into an argument with your partner, you are able to sit down and talk about it .Keeping your relationship on the happy side is essential as good communication leads to a happy stay between the two partners thus building trust which in the end leads to a good sex life. For further details regarding female libido, visit

Avoid stressing situations

As human beings, it is normal to experience stress from all sides of your day to day activities .This may be from your boss pilling all sorts of projects on you at work to your house help at home who does the complete opposite of what you entrust her to do .Stress is a known factor that contributes to low sex drive majorly in women .With this, It is important to create free time some time and take a break from everything. Try taking a vacation to help you relax preferably with your partner .This works wonders to boost your sexual drive. Know more about female libido gel here.


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