Causes Of Low Libido In Females


Low libido in the female is a condition that is experienced by most women in the word. Most women who experience low libido are frustrated and ashamed and cannot go and face anyone to speak out their problem. The moment a woman gets a low libido, she loses the desire for sex thus making her unable to respond to the act of sexual intercourse. A woman experiencing low libido is very frustrated in her marriage or in their current relationships. They do not even want to seek the doctor’s assistance. A woman having this problem should not fear anymore as doctors have found the cause and the treatment. Women, therefore, need to be aware of the causes as well as seek treatment for them to be comfortable.

 We can find women who suffer from low libido is because they experience a lot of conflicts and misunderstanding in their current relationships. It is full of stress that they find no value of sex. Some of the physical factors which can also make a woman have low libido the imbalance of hormones as well as the menopause.Diseases such as heart disease and diabetes can cause low libido in women. Sex abuse is also a cause of low libido in women.

There is some medication which when taken by women can make the libido of a woman to lower. Examples of these medications are antidepressants’ as well as the painkillers. Some of the drugs which are illegal like cocaine, marijuana, and heroin can lead to a woman lowering her female libido improvement. There is, therefore, a need for any woman to avoid using these drugs so that her body can be responsive to the organisms. Avoid using these drugs can make a woman be comfortable without the fear of anything

The moment a woman use alcohol, it has an effect on her libido and can cause lowering of the libido. The alcohol has an effect on female libido reduction in such a way that it makes them no ability to be responsive to the organism. The best thing about the problems is that they can be solved. Once spoken out, a woman can be assisted. With the right treatment, these problems can be overcome.

There is a need therefore for a woman to talk about her problem so that she can be helped in treating it. The need for treating the low libido is to ensure that women enjoy themselves in their marriage life. To get some facts about female libido, go to


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